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Pressure reducing valve

Pressure Reducing Valves, offered by Al Zerwa, are essential devices used in various industries to regulate and maintain optimal pressure levels within a fluid system. These valves are designed to decrease the incoming pressure from the upstream side to a lower, predetermined pressure on the downstream side. By effectively reducing the pressure, they prevent potential damage to pipelines, equipment, and other components that may be sensitive to high pressures. Pressure Reducing Valves ensure a controlled flow and protect against excessive pressure, enabling efficient operation and enhanced safety across a wide range of applications, including oil and gas, water treatment, manufacturing, and more. With Al Zerwa’s reliable and high-quality solutions, you can trust in their Pressure Reducing Valves to optimize your fluid systems.
  • Available Material – Gun Metal, Stainless steel, Carbon Steel (WCB A216)
  • Available Size – 1/2″ to 4”
  • Available standard – DIN
  • Available end connection – Flanged, Screwed
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