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Marine Valve

The Marine Valve offered by al Zerwa is a crucial component in the shipping and maritime industry. This specialized valve is designed to regulate, control, and stop the flow of liquids and gases on various vessels, ensuring smooth and safe operations at sea. Built to withstand harsh marine conditions, these valves are constructed from corrosion-resistant materials, making them highly reliable and durable. The marine valves serve essential functions such as controlling water flow, ballast systems, and fuel distribution, ensuring efficient navigation, cargo handling, and vessel stability. With precision engineering and adherence to international standards, al Zerwa’s Marine Valves are the preferred choice for shipbuilders and marine operators worldwide.
  • Available valve – Gate valves, Globe Valves, SDNR Globe valves, Angle valve, Strom valves, Air Vent head, Quick closing valves, Mud box.
  • Available Material – Cast iron, Cast steel, Bronze. Available size – 1/2” to 16”
  • Available Standard – JIS, DIN, ANSI
  • Available End Connection – Screwed, Socket weld, Flange
Angle Valves
Gate valve
SDNR Globe valve
Strom valves
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