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Achieve Peak Performance with Delval Valves & Delval Actuators

Since its establishment in 2003, Al Zerwa Trading Co.LLC (AZT) has emerged as a distinguished supplier of premium Valves, Pipes, Pipe fittings, Hydraulic clamps, Hydroline products, and various other Oilfield items. With a commitment to delivering excellence, AZT has become a prominent force in the industry, expanding its stock and clientele through strategic partnerships with leading European and American manufacturers. Our comprehensive coverage of piping materials in the GCC region signifies our dedication to quality and reliability.

Discover Delval: Pioneering Innovation in Valves and Actuators

Delval, a prominent brand under the umbrella of Al Zerwa Trading, specializes in Valves and Actuators. With a focus on precision engineering, Delval is renowned for its cutting-edge technology and reliability in the field. The brand’s core offerings include Delval Butterfly Valves, Delval Actuators, and Deltorq Actuators, showcasing a commitment to innovation and efficiency.
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Unleashing Delval's Butterfly Valve Revolution

Revolutionize your fluid control systems with our extensive range of Delval Butterfly Valves. Crafted with precision and engineering excellence, these valves ensure optimal flow control, minimizing energy consumption and enhancing operational efficiency. Whether in industrial applications or commercial settings, Delval Butterfly Valves deliver unmatched reliability and longevity, making them the preferred choice for fluid handling.

Precision Engineered: Delval Actuators

Experience a new era of automation with Delval Actuators. Designed for seamless integration and precise control, these actuators empower your machinery with unparalleled performance. Tackle complex industrial processes effortlessly, as Delval Actuators provide the accuracy and reliability required for critical operations. Say goodbye to downtime and hello to enhanced productivity, all with the cutting-edge technology encapsulated in Delval Actuators.
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Efficient Power: Deltorq Actuators by Delval

Elevate your operational capabilities with Deltorq Actuators, the epitome of precision and durability. These actuators are engineered to meet the demands of modern industries, providing robust and efficient solutions. Overcome challenges in valve automation, and enjoy peace of mind with Deltorq Actuators’ consistent performance. Whether you’re navigating intricate processes or handling heavy-duty tasks, Deltorq Actuators offer the reliability and power needed to optimize your workflow.

Why Choose Al Zerwa for Delval Valves and Actuators

Trusted Supplier in the UAE and GCC

Al Zerwa is a trusted name in the region, ensuring reliability and authenticity in every Delval product. Our long-standing reputation as a reliable supplier speaks volumes about our commitment to quality.

Extensive Inventory and Custom Solutions

With an extensive inventory of Delval products, we offer a diverse range to meet varied industry needs. Our team also excels in providing customized solutions, ensuring that every client finds the perfect fit for their requirements.

Technical Expertise and Support

Count on Al Zerwa for not just products but also technical expertise and support. Our knowledgeable team is always ready to assist, providing valuable insights and assistance throughout the procurement process.
Unmatched Quality, Service, and Reliability for Your Industrial Needs

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Al Zerwa Trading Co.LLC stands as the preferred choice for those seeking Delval Valves and Actuators in the UAE and GCC. Beyond offering a diverse range of Delval products, Al Zerwa takes a solution-oriented approach to address industry challenges. Our team of experts understands the intricacies of fluid control and automation, providing tailored solutions to enhance your operational efficiency. Whether it’s optimizing energy consumption, streamlining processes, or addressing specific industry needs, our commitment is to offer not just products but comprehensive solutions that elevate your performance and productivity. Partner with us for a seamless integration of Delval technology, coupled with personalized solutions that align with your business goals.
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